Income Protection In Colchester, Essex

Income Protection is designed to complement any sick pay benefits that you may receive from your employers. It will pay you a regular income if you’re unable to work due to your sickness or disability.

There are different options available but Full Income Protection will payout the benefit until you return back to work, retire, the policy ends, or you die.

There are various options so please do contact us for a free independent advice on Income Protection. An income protection policy will help you through the hard times, by making up for lost income in the event of long term accident or sickness.

The amount of benefit payable will generally be around 65% of your usual income with the proceeds of the policy paid out after employers benefits have been exhausted. However, we can set the ‘waiting period’ for the policy to be whatever you choose. Contact us to talk about the options available to you.

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    When do I need Income Protection?

    Being the breadwinner makes it vital that you protect your income. Unfortunately, household bills do not stop.

    Think of all the outgoings that you are committed to, mortgage payments, loan payments, credit card payments. Even utilities such as council tax, gas and electricity are essential to keeping the household running. These payments are likely to total over £1,000. Missing just one of these payments adversely affect your credit rating.

    Who needs Income Protection?

    Income Protection will provide you with financial support when you need it the most. If you suffer accident or sickness that prevents you going to work this policy will ease the financial constraints. The payment of an income protection will allow you to continue to pay off living expenses and prevent you getting into debt or adversely affecting your credit.

    For any further information, talk to our team of financial advisors here at Winstree Financial Services today.

    Why have Income Protection?

    • Gives you and your family the financial support to maintain your lifestyle and living through a hard time
    • This type of policy will cover a shortfall in income to assist you pay the everyday outgoings
    • We can set the benefit to ensure that the monthly mortgage and necessary outgoings are met
    • Self employed and employed people are eligible

    Before taking on Income Protection insurance, it’s important for the policyholder to understand how this works and the impact it will have on your life. For further information talk to our team of financial advisors here at Winstree Financial Services.

    If you’re looking for Income Protection talk to our team today for a FREE full review of your protection requirements. We want to help you find the right financial solutions to suit you and your family.