What is a Mortgage Advisor? – Winstree Financial Services

Whether you’re in the process of buying your first home, mortgaging your property or looking to buy and resell your current home a mortgage advisor can use their expertise to help you find the best mortgage deals around. We have a comprehensive access to the products available in the UK Broker Market. This means we have every tool available to ensure that you receive appropriate advice on the products available to you.

Mortgage Advisors are qualified professionals who specialise in finding the most suitable mortgage terms to help you purchase a new property. You can take this opportunity to work with a dedicated mortgage specialist who has inside industry knowledge regarding the latest terms on the market. We will work hard to ensure that your chances of being accepted for the mortgage you have applied for are increased.

Why you Need a Mortgage Advisor.

Our Mortgage Advisors will save you both time and money, we can use our inside knowledge to find you the best mortgage deals. We can sit down and talk you through the recommended deals we can provide you with and from here we can assess the level or mortgage repayments which will suit your financial situation. Our aim is to help you find a mortgage which will suit your own individual needs.

When to Talk to a Mortgage Advisor.

You may be already in the process of finding a new mortgage or you may have only just begun to search for your latest mortgage deals. Here at Winstree Financial Services we can look into a variety of different mortgage options for you to take a deep look into to ensure that you are dedicated to the right option to suit you. From the outset, we will work to put you on the right track to buying your new property.

How can Mortgage Brokers Help Me?

If you have recently considered buying your first home or you’re in the process of selling your property and buying a new home. Speak to us so we can help you throughout the whole process. We can answer all questions and queries which you may have and take care of all the application process.

How much deposit do you need?

This will vary greatly on the value of the property. We can talk you through your current finances giving you a rough idea regarding the amount of money which is required for you to save. If you have have not already begun to save for the deposit of your new property, we can show you how much you will need. This will help to ensure that everything remains affordable and does not affect your lifestyle.

If you are looking for a trusted representative to help you apply for a new mortgage, contact Winstree Financial Services today for Independent Advice